Silvateam has its head office in San Michele Mondovì (Piedmont, Northern Italy) and it is the holding company of the Silvateam group. The company coordinates and controls all the companies of the group in Italy and abroad. 

Today Silvateam is a worldwide leader in the production and commercialisation of vegetables extracts from different raw materials, such as chestnut, quebracho, Tara, mimosa, myrabolan and gambier. Tannins are essentials constituents in the physiology of many plants, protecting them from harmful physical and biological events. Tannins also have important nutraceutical properties: they are bioactive substances capable of producing beneficial effects in the body if they are ingested in the diet for long periods of time. Tannins are molecules useful for human health because of their antioxidant properties. 

During the last few years, the company has successfully penetrated the animal nutrition market market with the creation of vegetable extract blends developed to answer the specific needs of farmers and to improve the general health and wellbeing of their animals.


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