BONMIX is a French-Bulgarian company founded in 1997 as an enterprise for production of animal feed and. Today BONMIX is one of the leading companies in the country. 

The company’s product list contains a wide range of combined feed material for all kinds and categories of farm animals. BONMIX produces and sells milk replacers, lactation stimulators, complementary fodders, enzymes and vitamin-mineral premixes, alphalpha dehydrated and granulated flour, solid nutrition supplement s for ruminants, floating fish meals, snail meals, feeding fishmeal, pet food, etc. 

Since 2005 BONMIX implements and maintains EU systems for quality control according the requirements of ISO 9001 and НАССР. In 2011 Bonmix is certified from BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATIONS for maintenance a system of control which is relevant with ISO standards.


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